Pre-Export Working capital Finance

If you are experiencing difficulty in financing the production of goods destined for export, you are not alone. As credit trained former international bankers, TAG's principals understand the importance of an adequate export working capital line of credit, and they have the expertise to arrange the necessary credit facility for you with your bank.

TAG will package the application to secure a U.S. government export working capital loan guarantee from either the Small Business Administration or the Export Import Bank of the U.S. The guarantee will be issued directly to your bank, allowing your banker to provide you an asset-based, export working capital line of credit.

The advantage of the program to you is that you have a greater amount of credit available throughout your entire cash cycle. The guarantee allows your bank to establish higher advance rates against eligible collateral and to include as eligible non-traditional collateral, including work-in-process and foreign accounts receivable, into your borrowing base.

Contact TAG to structure an export working capital guarantee for you that will increase your borrowing capacity and more effectively finance the production of your products destined for export markets.