Great Plains Manufacturing

"As a manufacturer of agricultural equipment, the U.S. has always been our largest and most important market. Our approach to international markets has been very planned and deliberate. We began exporting through trading companies, progressed to a dealer network in developed markets, and have continued to expand into developing countries that have a significant agricultural base.

During the development of our international dealer network, we sought assistance with alternatives to best manage this program. We needed help in identifying and mitigating risks as well as understanding the financial tools available to support our efforts. In early 2002 we were referred to Trade Acceptance Group and have worked with them since as a trusted resource in these and other areas.

TAG has provided useful and sound advice concerning international payments and cross border risks. They have brokered both single- and multi-buyer insurance policies underwritten by the U.S. Export-Import Bank and a private insurer, that have allowed us to offer extended terms to our dealers while protecting against risk of non-payment and foreign political risks. We have used their credit agency report services to gather intelligence on prospective dealers and end clients, as well as to support approval of those clients' credit limits under our export credit insurance policies. Their help with evaluating the credit worthiness of potential clients and in providing quotes for extended term financing has proved extremely important to us.

As we explore sound ways to manage the growth of our export business; we will continue to look to TAG for their assistance and the support their programs provide."

Linda L. Salem, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc.