December 2015

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Ex-Im Bank Waiting on Congress

Policyholders are watching their export credit insurance policies expire which puts cash flow at risk. Bankers are losing a key secondary repayment source. Many companies with the option of shifting their coverage to the private sector have already done so. Others are left with no viable alternatives.

Meanwhile, despite a majority in both Chambers of the U.S. Congress voting in strong support of Ex-Im Bank's Reauthorization, legislation that would allow the Bank to re-open for business is still pending.

Keep an eye on the Highway Trust Fund bill... it expires on December 4th, 2015, and the Ex-Im reauthorization is currently attached to it!

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Do You Believe in Free Money?

Imagine the possibilities... Attend a trade show, translate your marketing materials, participate in Gold Key matchmaking services, and increase exports!

STEP grants are available in 40 States and are intended to support small business exporters. Click here to learn more. Then, visit the SBA and click on your State to find additional program and contact information!

For exporters in the Milwaukee area...

There is a fantastic new opportunity available to you through the Milwaukee 7 Regional Economic Development Partnership (M7). As part of the Global Cities Initiative and the region's Export Strategy, funds have been made available by JP Morgan Chase for the Export Development Grant Program to help companies grow in international trade. For more information including an online application, visit the M7 here.


How Do Your Buyer's Past Dues Affect Your Coverage?

Please be careful... your insurance coverage is impacted when your buyer is past due.

Specifics vary by insurer but, in all cases, there is a deadline by which you MUST report your buyer as past due - and, in some cases, you may have to stop shipping to that buyer until the situation is resolved. You may also lose your discretionary authority to approve late payers for future shipments even if they become current. Failure to follow the terms outlined in your policy can result in a CLAIM DENIAL.

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FX and Import Controls

Is your buyer having trouble getting the hard currency to pay your invoice?

Among the resources available to you are the Country Commercial Guides (CCGs) put together by our U.S. Embassies worldwide. These guides have information on trade and project finance, selling U.S. products abroad, general market overviews, and much more.

If your buyer is located in a country where currency flows are restricted, check out the sections on FX and Import Controls in the CCGs. Here are a few examples:

Country Commercial Guide - Argentina
Country Commercial Guide - Brazil
Country Commercial Guide - Egypt
Country Commercial Guide - Greece

To see Country Commercial Guides for other countries, visit the Department of Commerce here.


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