December 2016

All of us at Trade Acceptance Group wish you a very peaceful holiday season and much success in 2017! We want to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks for your continued support over the past year! We truly value our relationship with you and look forward to building upon our partnership in the New Year!

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As You Look Ahead to 2017...What is Your Credit Management Strategy?

Each year brings new business, economic and political challenges, and you need to properly manage ever-changing risks. If you are currently self insuring, you need to be fully aware of the all-in costs associated with this credit management approach. Foremost, there is the hard cost of unpaid invoices. However, several soft costs of self-insurance affect your bottom line. For example, bad debt reserves tie up capital. Tight credit restricts sales growth opportunities. Additionally, significant operational resources in your credit department are devoted to vet new customers, while also monitoring the creditworthiness of existing accounts. If an invoice goes unpaid, how much time is spent by your credit department and legal team on recovery efforts? TAG encourages you to perform a cost/benefit analysis of self-insurance versus credit insurance. Please see this comparison prepared by Euler of the two strategies. Feel free to contact us to determine if trade credit insurance is a good fit for your company.


Important Ex-Im Bank Country Limitation Schedule Reminders- Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia and more...

In case you missed our updates over the past few months, there have been some notable changes to Ex-Im Bank's coverage policy. In August, Ex-Im reopened in the private-sector in Ecuador, after being closed for several years. Following in September, Ex-Im Bank reopened to Argentina. Effective October 1st, Ex-Im closed to both the private and public sectors in Bolivia. As part of your export market analysis, we always recommend that you consult Ex-Im Bank's Country Limitation Schedule (CLS) to determine how the U.S. Government evaluates the economic and political risks associated with each country. The most recent version of the CLS was effective October 1st and can be accessed online here.

Ex-Im Bank Country Limitation Schedule Update

Each issue, we will be featuring a compliance topic that we feel needs attention, based on recent inquiries or claims. In this issue, the focus is buyer approvals under an Ex-Im multi-buyer policy. As you know, an Ex-Im Bank policy is a valuable asset to your company, if managed properly. Credit insurance policies are active policies that must be monitored throughout the life of the policy, not simply referenced at renewal time or when a claim arises. Click here for valuable information on properly approving buyers.


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Curt, Leslie, Bruce, Jackie and Mason

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